I believe that, Words Matter! They help shape our world – how we conceive it and understand it.

I am a Nairobi-based writer, journalist and media trainer who uses poetry, prose and radio to explore questions around modernity & identity and all that exists in the cracks in between.

I have worked as a radio producer for the BBC World Service; as a correspondent in the island nation of São Tomé and Principe; and managed Regional Communications for Medécins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the Horn of Africa region. With twelve years experience in media, I specialise in political, developmental and socio-cultural affairs across the continent and have sat on various panels about media and development.

I am currently working on several creative projects, including

  • Re-Imagined! An online contest inviting African writers to imagine the traditional folktale for today’s youth.

I also contribute to several magazines and websites, including The Africa Report magazine and What’s On Africa website.

For money (and some love J!), I give media training to journalists and NGO staff on – messaging; interview skills; pitching to the media; communications strategy and more. I also organise media and arts events.


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